About Us

Artesanos Construction

At Artesanos Construction, we believe in only the best for our homeowners. We want you to walk into your home and love the way it looks and feels.

Our expert design process will allow you to work with a professional interior designer, Mayda Rodriguez, and together you will achieve your ideal remodel that is both beautiful and functional.

Mayda has experience with all styles of homes including Tuscan, Modern, Mediterranean, Spanish, Colonial, Tutor, Adobe, New Construction, Multi-Family, etc. and will work with you to achieve the ideal balance of old-world elegance and modern convenience.

While Mayda has experience with all types of construction services her primary focus with Artesanos Construction is Kitchens and Bathrooms. She believes these can be the most critical parts of any home or business, the place where meals are prepared and shared with family, a nice long bath is taken at the end of a stressful day at work... and because of these two reasons and so many more, kitchens and bathrooms are the first on most new homeowners' list of remodel must-haves.

A kitchen and bathroom done right, the way YOU want it, can truly make or break the look and feel of your home. Allow Artesanos Construction to help you make that special place just the way you want it for an affordable price.